Direct Intent - (Freshly Baked Beats vol. 1)
Doc P (06/09/2017)

The culmination of the Freshly Baked Beats dream: A full-length vocal release of the highest quality.

Two years after his last major release, Doc P is ready to unleash his first full-length album upon the world with Direct Intent: Freshly Baked Beats vol. 1.

Featuring classic smooth hip-hop, contemporary electronica, some funk-inspired tracks, and even a few hard rock tunes, Direct Intent truly transcends genre boundaries, all presented in the Doc P style fans have grown to expect.

This is the Doc P album you have been waiting for. This is the release that he envisioned years ago when he went solo. This is Freshly Baked Beats vol. 1 - our flagship release.

Liner Notes

© 2017 Freshly Baked Beats - All songs written, performed, recorded, engineered and produced by Doc P at Freshly Baked Prime Studios [Spokane, WA].

“POINT OF NO RETURN”: Music and lyrics by Raw B; Additional lyrics by FukWitMe & Doc P; Originally released on The Monopoly Volume 4 by Massive Verbal Assault © 2004 Fly By Night Productions.

Doc Respects:

MY FATHER, AND MY DAUGHTER; Your support has been immensely helpful in the past few years. It’s truly kept me going even in the darkest of times. Much love to you both.

RAW B; WOLTHER; Remove either of these guys from my life’s story, and I wouldn’t be making music today. No question about it.

HARMAN, FIREHAWK & the rest of the MOBSQUAD;

THE FANS; ELIZABETH; BILLY; CODY; PREVATTE; Though I’d do this even if nobody listened, it is so rewarding to make your auditory receptors happy.

ALL THE OTHER ARTISTS who have inspired me to create this art; From the small-time locals to the household names worldwide, I couldn’t be doing this without you.

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