Go Funk Yourself by Iridescent Ear
  • 01. Spanglish
    Iridescent Ear
  • 02. Tis Tomorrow That We Dance
    Iridescent Ear
  • 03. Merlin Brando
    Iridescent Ear
  • 04. Give the Wurlitzer Another Spin
    Iridescent Ear


Go Funk Yourself - EP
Iridescent Ear (07/04/2015)

Four experimental tracks exploring sonic areas never before heard on a Freshly Baked release.

This is the first in what is hoped to be a series of experiments - The Freshly Baked Sessions. This particular arrangement of instruments and production by CM Lyman over Doc P's drums has been dubbed Iridescent Ear.

Liner Notes

© 2015 Freshly Baked Beats

Synth and other instruments performed by CM Lyman - Drums performed by Doc P

Composed, recorded, engineered and produced by CM Lyman.

Album artwork by Doc P

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