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Freshly Baked Sessions

Experimental Jams
| Iridescent Ear |

The Freshly Baked Sessions is where Freshly Baked artists come to explore new styles and roles in the creation of our music.

Releases in The Freshly Baked Sessions category are often minimalist, experimental, and composed in an improvisational way. This is the kind of creative environment where side-projects can come to thrive.

We tend to assemble smaller acts, and we’ve found that working in one and two person groups can eliminate the chaos that can come from putting together a larger crew. (Iridescent Ear was supposed to be a trio, but it became too complicated to manage and resulted in a duo finishing the first EP, a testament to the merits of our “less players, less layers” philosophy.)

Go Funk Yourself by Iridescent Ear is currently the first and only project released in this way, but plans are already in the works for more Freshly Baked Sessions!

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